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Techniframe software developers have been creating desktop and system control business software for more than 40 years, for many well known companies around the world, now with the improvement in the reliability and speed of the internet, as well as the familiarity of web based applications like online banking we now provide high quality, low cost business web based applications using the latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Twitter Bootstrap to provide applications that can run on almost any device with a modern web browser and an internet connection, desktop, laptop, netbook computers, tablet systems and modern mobile phones. Our applications can be easily embedded into any website hosted by anyone with the minimum of alteration to the web site, this gives your clients, visitors etc the constancy from your website while utilizing our high quality software run, managed, updated and supported by Techniframe Ltd. If you do not have a website we can even provide a bespoke website, custom designed to meet your needs. We provide dedicated software for specific business types of any size and at an affordable low price. There are still some applications which are better served with desktop (Windows) and mobile applications (Android and Widows) using secure web services run from our secure servers and connected vis SSL.so we offer these in addition to our web base applications. Our service also provide the back end databases to securely store your information and make it available to multiple users on different devices, all data is encrypted in the database for added secure storage and connections to our applications use secure connection to stop information being read while traversing the internet connections. We provide everything you need in your software to look after your selected business type, there is no need for IT consultants, or the need to purchase database software and licenses, we do it all for you including backups. However if you wish to run the application on your own servers or use it as an intranet application we can provide the application for easy installation on your own systems, although we can then no longer look after the database, servers or backups etc. With our low cost pricing you do not have to be a multi national organisation to utilise the benefits of these software tools.

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